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Add-On Services

Add Any or All of These Options to Make Your Event Even More Spectacular!

Light Effects
Dance Lights, Up Lights and Monogram Lights.

Photo Booth
Green Screen or Solid Backgrounds & Props.

Video Recording
From birthday parties to weddings - we record, edit and produce a feature film you'll enjoy for years!

Enhances your light effects

Professional Sound, Lyrics on Screen, thousands of songs.

Video Projection
Video Presentations with projector and screen, or Live Projection to TV lets guests see themselves dancing and participating.

Song Gram
A Funny Musical Roast! Precocious or Poignant - it's always a hit!

Trivia Game Show
Live Game Show is an event in itself! Jeopardy Style computerized board, players buzz in.

Video Presentation Creation
Popular at Sweet 16s, Quinceaneras, Weddings, Family Reunions and Milestone Birthdays. Send us your digital pictures and we'll do the rest.

Live Entertainment
Professional Vocalists, Keyboardist & Guitarists

Light Effects

Pricing and Description

Dance Lights - Basic

Colorful lights spin, chase and wash to provide energy for dancing.

3 Professional Light Effects

1-4 Hours

$10 per
Additional Hour

Dance Lights - Deluxe

More Energy! Basic package + 2.
Add more patterns, colors and excitement.

5 Professional Light Effects

1-4 Hours

$15 Per
Additional Hour

Up Lights

Beautifully enhance your venue with a dramatic wash of colors reflecting off perimeter walls or highlighting an object

12 Up lights. All Colors.
Choose from 1-12

$20 per Light
1-4 Hours

$5 per Light
Additional Hour

Monogram Light

Project Name(s) or brief message on a large wall

Any Color. Advance
reservation required for plate design (min. 2 weeks)


$10 per
Additional Hour

Cody & Courtney Light Effects Sweet 16

Live Projection to TV

Add this fun feature to Kids & Teen Parties.  In the age of the Selfie and Watch Me Whip, who doesn't like to watch themselves dance and have fun!?

We bring a TV (about 32") and a camcorder, position them just right, and the crowd forms to check themselves out on TV!  Definitely energizes and keeps things interesting!

Great for School Events, Birthday Parties and more!  (For larger events, see Projector & Screen option)  This is an add-on to any package.

Live Projection to TV


Up to 4 hours

To have your event RECORDED see our Video Recording Option.

Projector & Screen

We suggest using a projector and screen with the following services:

Video Presentation: To show a DVD or other media that you'd like a group to watch (corporate, wedding, anniversary, Sweet 16, milestone birthday, family reunion and many others)

Live Projection (camcorder, projector and screen): Especially good for large groups (school functions, corporate events, Sweet 16 or Quinceanera. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs & Weddings) Your guests will see themselves as they participate and dance. Very Entertaining for all ages.

Trivia: Whether it's custom Trivia about YOU, or our great topics like sports, music, movies and lots of others, the projector and screen will enable your guests to sit back (or stand around) in teams & comfortably view of the entire electronic Game Board. When they hit their "slammers" to buzz in, the projected game board lights up and displays the team's name, shows if the answer is right or wrong, and keeps score.

Projector & Screen base rental*

Up to 4 hours intermittant use


Projector & Screen extra time

Additional 30 minutes

$10 per half hour

*rental time is calculated from the beginning to the end of the event.

Song Gram

The Perfect Gift-a unique, fun & unusual present from a group or special person.
Great for Retirement, Birthday, Wedding, Family Reunion, Holiday or Special Occasion.
A Funny, Romantic or Sentimental parody song recorded on CD.

What is a Song Gram?

  • It's a Unique ~ Fun ~ Unusual Gift
  • An Original Parody Song composed from the information you provide
  • It can be Funny or Sentimental
  • We re-write the lyrics to a familiar song, use quality background music tracks, professionally sing and record the song in our studio, and email an MP3 to you (or play it live if we are DJ-ing your event).
  • A Song Gram is a custom song CD or MP3 recording that makes a perfect gift for the person who appreciates something special.
  • It's a great gift idea for a special surprise at a party.  Also the perfect group gift idea for a co-worker, boss, grandparent, family or friend.
  • A holiday or special occasion gift idea that's never expected but always a hit!

Song Gram Information Form

Click to Download

Trivia Game Show Parties + DJ by Music Mania Events

407-792-4631 call or text 9am - 9pm

Trivia Game Show Packages Include:

  • Live Professional Electronic Game Show & Host
  • Electronic board & Score Keeper (like Jeopardy)
  • Large screen & projector or TV
  • "Slammers" for guests to buzz in, or paddle signs for large groups
  • Team Names on the Score Board to keep the competition lively
  • Optional custom questions about you, your guests or any fun subject!
  • Fun for Everyone!
  • Add Trivia to any of our DJ or Karaoke packages! Trivia pricing $75 and up
  • Let us Customize questions about the guests, host, organization or any subject for a unique game.
  • or use our pre-loaded original questions

Electronic Game


4 hour Basic DJ & Trivia Package: Includes Equipment, Music and Interactive DJ to host Trivia relating to music and other topics, Dance Music

DJ & Trivia Packages

Trivia as an Add-On to any of our DJ or Karaoke Packages: Trivia is usually played at the beginning of the event - used as an Ice-Breaker. However, Trivia as an add-on can be played at any time throughout the event during your contracted time.

Trivia Standard Package included during any other package we offer. Includes electronic game & live host, 32" TV, select from our pre-loaded original categories including Sports, Music, TV & Movies and many others.

$75 add on with DJ service

Trivia Custom Package added to any other package we offer: Includes electronic game & live host, projector and screen, 25 original custom questions created specifically for your event, plus any of our pre-loaded original categories.

$175 add on with DJ service

Stand-Alone Trivia  (without DJ Service)

IF NO DJ SERVICE -   Standard Package is $150  for 1 hour   Custom Package is $200 for 1 hour  (includes Trivia Game Shown on our TV - you can add a projector and screen for an additional $150

$150 Standard Trivia (TV)
$300 Standard Trivia (Projector & Screen)
$200 Custom Trivia (TV)
$350 Custom Trivia (Projector & Screen)

if the package you are adding Trivia to already includes a projector and screen, usually we can use the same projector and screen for all services.
If you have a large event and want more than two teams (using 2 Slammers), consider adding "paddle signs" with team numbers instead of slammers. Paddle Signs are $2 each, Slammers are $25 pair. Custom questions are based on information you provide in advance - call us for more information

Call or Text 407-792-4631

Video Recording

Different types of events require different types of Video Recording. Some are meant to capture important pre-planned moments, such as wedding ceremonies and receptions. Others are more creative, almost music video style- like at a teen party. Then there are those intended to record the event in real time such as a corporate meeting. We have a range of extremely competitive prices you're sure to love! Our editing is done on state of the art Final Cut software (the same software used for many of the movies you watch at the theater), and our cameras are professional DSLRs or Camcorders.

Service On Site Recording Time Number of Locations
Number of Cameras Finished Product Usually Includes Editing Approximate Delivery Price Extra Hour

Wedding Reception

4 Hours


2 (photographer operated)

1 standard DVD & edited upload to YouTube

Introductions, 1st dance, Toasts, Cake Cutting, Parents' Dances, Bouquet & Garter, Guests Dancing, Comments from Guests

Creative Edit of Two Camera shoot, Transitions, Title

2-3 weeks



Wedding Ceremony

1 Hour

Same as reception

2 (photographer operated & stationary)

1 DVD & edited upload to YouTube

Entire Ceremony

Creative Edit of Two Camera shoot, Transitions, Title

2-3 weeks



Birthday Party

Up to 2 hours


1 (DJ operated only)

Upload to YouTube

Highlights of the Event, guests dancing, karaoke or other add on services, guest comments, games & contests

Creative Edit with energetic music video style fun transitions

1-2 weeks



Sweet 16-Quinceanera-Bar/Bat Mitzvah

2 hours


2 (photographer operated & stationary)

1 standard DVD & edited upload to YouTube

Introductions, Toasts, Cake Cutting, Special Dances, Guests Comments, Line Dances and Fun

Creative Edit combining energetic music video style fun transitions with traditional aspects

2-3 weeks



Corporate Event

By Quote









Additional charges apply for multiple locations, longer times, and additional travel

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